Ethiopia Nano Challa (Filter)

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This coffee was produced by 230 smallholder farmers, each of whom own an average of one hectare of land and deliver their cherry to the Nano Challa washing station located in Gera in the Jimma zone of Ethiopia.

The name Nano Challa in Oromifa means ‘the area above’, a reference to the co-op’s excellent coffee growing location at high altitudes. Part of Nano Challa’s strength lies in being part of the Kata Muduga Multipurpose Farmer’s Cooperative Union, which aims to ensure that the recent history of cooperatives such as this one continue on a farmer-focused path.

This is a beautiful, bright coffee which presents juicy peach flavours rounded out by a sweet lemon finish.


Producer Nano Challa Cooperative
Origin Jimma, Ethiopia
Varietal Heirloom
Processing Fully Washed
Altitude 2000 masl
Profile Peach, Lemon, Bright
Colour numbers:
40 - PEACH
44 - LEMON