Ethiopia Kota (Espresso)

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Producer Kota Cooperative
Origin Jimma, Ethiopia
Varietal Heirloom
Processing Fully Washed
Altitude 1950-2000 masl
Profile Dried Fruit, Peach, Juicy

Colour numbers:

40 - PEACH
Available in 250g and 1kg bags
This lot comes from the Kota cooperative located in Goma, a district in the Jimma zone of Ethiopia. 275 smallholder farmers, each of whom own an average of one hectare of land at between 1950-2000 masl, contributed coffee to this lot.

Kota is one of several cooperatives in Jimma that fall under the administration of the Kata Muduga Multipurpose Farmer’s Cooperative Union, which aims to improve the life standard of it’s members through sustainable increases to income.

We have roasted this coffee with espresso brewing in mind. You can expect a sweet cup with dried fruit and peach flavours, supported by a pleasant, juicy acidity.