Brazil Pessego (Filter)

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Producer Mauro Galheri
Origin Cerrado, Brazil
Varietal Mundo Novo
Processing Natural
Altitude 1150 masl
Profile Peach, Sweet, Juicy
Colour numbers:
40 - PEACH
29 - SWEET

Fazenda Pântano is located in the Cerrado close to the city of Patos de Minas at an altitude of 1,150 meters and covers a total area of 600 hectares. The family has always been enthusiastic about producing exquisite microlots and Mauro’s passion for coffee is really inspiring.

Translating as “Peach” Pessego does not disappoint.  Intensely sweet and one of the juiciest Brazils we have ever tasted, with citrus and blood orange acidity.  Best enjoyed black, but, with milk tastes like peach and cream!

Available in 250g and 1kg bags.