Ethiopia Shoondhisa (Filter)

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Shoondhisa is a small area located in Shakiso in the Guji zone of southern Ethiopia. This particular lot was grown by 72 smallholder farmers, all of whom deliver to the Dambi Uddo drying station, a facility owned and operated by Ture Waji.

Whereas most Ethiopian coffees are listed simply as being made up of ‘heirloom’ varietals, this coffee is particularly interesting as we know that it is specifically a combination of gibirinna and serto, two of the most widely grown varietals in Ethiopia. 

This coffee has a remarkably complex profile, with clear blueberry and tropical fruit flavours followed by a hoppy, floral finish. 


Producer Various Smallholders
Origin Guji, Ethiopia
Varietal Gibirinna, Serto
Processing Natural
Altitude 2170 masl
Profile Blueberry, Floral, Complex
Colour numbers: