Colombia Edier Perdomo Geisha (Filter)

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Edier Perdomo owns Buenavista, a farm located in Filo de Chillurco in Pitalito, a municipality located to the south of Huila, Colombia. Buenavista totals 4 hectares, 3.5 of which is dedicated to coffee, specifically caturra, bourbon and geisha varietals.

Edier is a certified Q Grader with 20 years of coffee farming experience. In order to guarantee excellent cup quality, he oversees the collection of only fully ripe cherries, a controlled fermentation process and a prolonged drying period.

This is a delicate, perfumed coffee which presents the complex layers of flavours that the geisha varietal is renowned for. We find jasmine, white grape and black tea notes, complemented by a citric acidity.

Please note, this coffee will be packed in a special edition 150g tin. 

Producer Edier Perdomo
Origin Pitalito, Colombia
Varietal Geisha
Processing Fully Washed
Altitude 1760 masl
Profile Jasmine, Grape, Delicate
Colour numbers:
38 - GRAPE