Staff Spotlight: Millie, Barista at Media City

Hello to all our beautiful Grindsmith followers! 

We hope you're having a brilliant week and staying safe. The 12th April is nearly upon us, which means socialising can finally become a reality. The government has also been smashing it's vaccine quotas and as of this week, half of the country has already been vaccinated! On top of all that, the sun is finally out! Things are starting to look up for 2021! 

Since the sun is out, we want this week's spotlight to be our little ray of sunshine in Media City, Millie!


Role: Barista at Media City

Hobbies: Cooking & exploring the great outdoors

Favorite Coffee: Filter, Colombia El Mirador

Millie is a part-time barista and a full time student studying psychology. Millie brings a calming aura to the shop floor which has been a blessing to our managers in the store.

Millie's experience with work this year has been wildly different, but remains a positive one during the pandemic:

"My experience with starting a job in a pandemic is a positive one. I was made redundant from another cafe in the summer so being able to start another barista job in the midst of a time where hospitality is suffering the most definitely makes me one of the lucky ones.

It’s weird to me that I’ve been furloughed as long as I’ve been working. But in the months, I was working in the café I was welcomed into a team that was trying to make light of the uncertainty and stress that these many months have brought us. The constantly changing government guidelines didn’t exactly help the situation (cheers Boris), but it was nice to see a sense of solidarity with everyone pulling together to provide some semblance of normality to our customers. These eleven months have been difficult for everyone including myself and it has been nice to be part of a team that cares how customers are doing but also cares how we as staff are doing, even out of the workplace. Overall, my experience with starting a job during a pandemic is a positive one and it’s nice to feel part of a team even when I’m stuck at home."

Pop in to catch a chat and a brew with Millie in Media City by checking the opening times here.

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