Staff Spotlight: Joe, Supervisor Media City

It's been a crazy year. Right now we are locked down at home, not able to pop into our favourite coffee shop, sit down and have a chin wag with our mates. 

For our staff who have been working through this pandemic, it's been a working experience like never before, they really are our hard-working heroes at Grindsmith. Throughout this entire ordeal, even with the constant changes we've all had to endure, our staff persevered and have been happy to pop on their masks to welcome you into our shops, happy to see old and new faces alike venturing in for a cup of coffee and a friendly atmosphere. 

Because we'd be lost without our staff, we are celebrating them by creating our staff spotlights. Over the next few weeks we'll look at the people who make Grindsmith, well, Grindsmith!

We're going to kick off by introducing you to Joe, who joined last Summer! We asked Joe about his experience starting work during a pandemic. 

Joseph Rooney

Role: Supervisor at Media City

Hobbies: Running, Politics

Favourite Coffee: Filter, Shoondisha

Joe is a supervisor in Media City. He's a quick learner and adapted rapidly to Grindsmith, so he became a supervisor quite early into his career here and has been smashing it ever since. Equally as impressive, is that he's juggling his criminology diploma on top of his role in Media City! We're really proud of him, and can't wait to see how he grows within the company.

Joe is a self described "political junkie", always staying on top of current events and constantly reading books or listening to podcasts on the topic:

I’d be lying if I said that starting a new job in the middle of a global pandemic has been plain sailing. Aside from the minimal social contact that the restrictions have afforded us, which has meant that the chances to properly interact with members of the team and company at large have been limited, returning to work after five months of unemployment and needing to adhere to strict Covid guidelines front of house would be a shock to anyone’s system. 

But in the short time I’ve been with Grindsmith, I’ve already been granted a multitude of fantastic opportunities. In addition to roasting a batch of coffee beans for the first time or trying my hand at new brewing methods, becoming a supervisor and taking more responsibility across the shop floor has been a push I didn’t know I needed, but one that I greatly respect.

Despite Covid, I look forward greatly to the new opportunities and ventures that working at Grindsmith will bring, safe in the knowledge that the worst hardships of the pandemic will hopefully soon be nothing but a distant memory. Mostly, I’m excited about the opportunity to connect with the rest of the company more in social settings – and hopefully not have to keep two metres distance the whole time!

To see Joe in action, check Media City opening times here.

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