Staff Spotlight: Glenn, Barista at The Pod

Hello Grindsmith Family!

We hope everyone's been making the most of the beautiful weather lately and enjoying their little taste of normality with their friends outside! In case you didn't see, we released a garden party playlist for everyone to enjoy right here!

April 12th is so close now that we can literally taste the pints and it's great that we've officially been given the official green light by the man with the plan in No.10 to do so. 

This week for our staff spotlight, we're looking at Glenn, one of our baristas in The Pod:


Role: Barista at The Pod / Marketing Intern

Hobbies: Boxing, Gaming

Favorite Coffee: Espresso, Brazil Caju

Glenn is one of our international recruits from the far off land of Dublin, Ireland. You'll catch Glenn in The Pod every Thursday & Friday in between his study for his master's degree. He's also part of our marketing team as our intern! In his free time, Glenn is quite sporty with boxing being one of his favorite things. Glenn loves working in The Pod and building a community around the store in Pollard Yard. He loves a chat and lives up to the Irish stereotype of having the gift of the gab (although sometimes we do struggle to understand everything he says).

We asked Glenn about his experiences living away from home and starting work with us during the pandemic: 

"So I’ve actually moved country and started a job during the pandemic, and I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s been really tough. This job has been a really great support system for me being so far from my family with no way really of getting home right now, and not having many friends in the city being quite new.

I definitely miss the buzz of a full cafe lunch rush at the weekend but I’m really grateful I get to work at the moment. The team has been so welcoming as well, it’s like my second family here at Grindsmith. The guys really care about how you’re doing and want to support their teams in any way they can.

They even gave me an internship role to help me with my university course.With everything changing so much and so often, it’s comforting to know I have the support of Grindsmith to help me get through these times. I’m really looking forward to the summer and hopefully being able to see smiling faces walking through the doors and sitting in having a good time".

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