Introducing Our New Tea Partners; Bohea Teas!

Hello Grindsmith Family! We hope you're all having a great time and staying safe.

We've had this announcement under our hats for a while, and are finally proud to share that we are now stocking Bohea Tea in all our stores and on our wholesale website. We will also be releasing retail bags for the general public to buy on our website soon!

For those who aren't aware, Bohea Teas is run by the delightful duo of Chris & Sophie Parker-Loftus. This husband and wife team began their business selling in markets and then, due to popular demand, have expanded into an online store stocking numerous teas and teawares (including some gorgeous traditional Japanese teabowls). They haven't lost touch with their roots, however, and can still be found in Altrincham Market every 2nd weekend of the month.

We'll be stocking 10 delicious teas for our café customers & wholesale partners to enjoy. We'll soon have these teas in stock on our website for the geenral public to order and enjoy, so keep an eye out!


Keki Matcha: Pure Japanese matcha ground to order from Bohea's farm in the Kyoto Prefecture and shipped straight to the UK for maximum freshness, this tea is a higher grade than our previous iteration. This tea is erfect to enjoy in it's own right and makes an amazing matcha latté. Packed with aprroximately ten times the amounts of anti-oxidants as a cup of green tea, it contains amazing health benefits. 

Jasmine Pearls: Grown in Fuding, China our Jasmine Pearls are created from carefully selected, this tea produces an elegant pale silver liquid with the heady aroma of Jasmine.

English Peppermint: Probably one of the finest Mint teas you will ever taste. A little goes a long way, so start off with a pinch and see where you go from there. This mint tea is exceptional, and we are truly lucky to be able to offer it. It also surprisingly, goes really well with Whisky - but I'll leave you to explore that one.

Gui Fei 'Honey Oolong': This delicious rolled oolong is grown in Nantou County, Taiwan. Where it is gently roasted after being rolled into it's characteristic tight spherical shapes. This tea has a rich and spicy aroma, with a long sweet finish.

Jade Monkey: Earthy, Vegetal base with hint of grassy sweetness.

Rooibos: Made from the fermented and dried leaves of the Aspalathus linearis plant, Rooibos or Redbush as it is commonly known is a caffeine free drink with a wonderful nutty taste and natural honey sweetness.

Earl Grey with Cornflower: Perfectly blended rich black tea scented with the finest Italian bergamot oil, and sprinkled with cornflowers. Serve with a slice of lemon, a dash of milk, or just on its ownIt also makes a lovely cold brew. 

Spiced Chai: Our top quality Chai is made from a rich and malty tippy Assam tea mixed with spices. It’s great drunk on it’s own or made in the traditional fashion by boiling it in the pan with milk, water and sugar for several minutes.

Assam 2nd Flush: Rich, Smooth malty taste with a bright liquor.

Lemongrass: A zesty and refreshing blend. Our lemongrass and ginger herbal tea makes a delicious caffeine free drink to be enjoyed at any time of day. It also makes a lovely summer cooler, served over ice witha touch of agave syrup for added sweetness.

If you aren't a wholesale partner and can't wait to grab yourself some of Chris & Sophie's unbelievable tea which will soon be available on our retail site and in-store, you can visit their online shop here or grab a cup in any of our cafés.