The Grindsmith Blog has launched and we could not be more excited!

The reason behind our joy and cheerfulness is due to its content. This will be more than just a space through which we give coffee lovers precious information; it will be first and foremost a space in which we, as a collective, members of the Grindsmith team, share our passion for coffee.

For the coffee-growing communities from which we source our beans, for subjects like coffee economics and how it impacts many countries and the environment, particulars about roasting coffee, our best recipes, brew methods, and goodies you can do around the kitchen with our beloved beans – this is the Grindsmith blog.

Our blog will also feature articles for the specialty tea tribe, nutrition for your every day and discussions around alternative food and milk for vegan and vegetarian diets. We are also going to touch on subjects like paper and plastic use in businesses as well as in general daily life.

And most importantly, at the core of everything –  our community. Manchester as a big family, our city, our home; how we can all enjoy it but also give back to it.

Finally, to top all these wonderful things off (our cherry on top of the whipped cream, you might say) will be our section on wellness. In the words of one of our founders, ‘before being a business that sells coffee, we are a business that serves and cares for people.’

We want to look out for you and that is why as of April 2018, Grindsmith will be hosting meditation and yoga sessions at both the Deansgate and Media City sites. Making it very easy for you to stay healthy, connected and present, able to enjoy every moment fully, including a good cup of coffee.

That and many other good things are coming up, so stay tuned with us here on the blog but also on our social media channels. There you can find out more about the world of specialty coffee, our events, volunteering opportunities around town, and never miss out on any of our promotions that make your favorite cuppa a treat for your palate… and for your pocket!

We look forward to seeing you in our shops and if you feel like it, send us a message, or talk to us directly in store. Whether it’s any comments you have about our much-loved coffee shops, what you like about them, what we can do better or any subjects you would like to see featured by us on the blog – you talk, we’ll listen.

Wishing you only the good and yummy things in life,

The Grindsmith Team.

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