“Not too slow, not too fast”

Here we go!

To officially cut the ribbon on our brand new blog we present you with a treat from our very own, Joshua Wilson.

Josh is a certified SCA AST (Speciality Coffee Association Authorised Speciality Trainer) and is responsible for educating and training our staff on all things coffee!

As well as his dedication to speciality coffee, Josh’s other passion lies in animal conservation. His family own the largest private flock of Portland sheep in the country and are working tirelessly towards taking this breed off the endangered list.

A fantastic member of the team, it is our delight to have Josh write the inaugural blog post.

-The Editors.

Brew Methods: Chemex

By Joshua Wilson SCA Certified Trainer

Unchanged for 70 years, the Chemex coffee maker is iconic in pop culture and beloved by coffee lovers worldwide.

It was designed by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941, an eccentric chemist who developed over 300 patents ranging from cocktail shakers to automobiles. He focused on making everyday objects more functional, attractive and enjoyable. His background as a chemist allowed him to understand clearly the chemistry behind the extraction of flavour from coffee beans, and his design and concept reflected this in every aspect.

His brewer – known for its elegant features – was inspired by the Bauhaus school of design, whose vision and wish was to bridge the gap between art and industry through the combination of crafts and fine arts. He was influenced by non-porous labware that he knew would not impart any flavour.

He chose the hourglass shape that is synonymous with American culture itself. It gained notoriety, having a permanent place in the collection of many museums but most impressively at MoMA in New York, where in 1943 it was named one the best-designed products of the year.

The foremost talking point with this brewer is that it’s incredibly eye-catching and always seems to stand out. It won awards in both the design and science communities, working so well that it seemingly never needs to be updated or altered to stay with the times.

The Chemex produces light, beautiful coffee with a great clarity of flavour. Most people love the taste and experience of the Chemex, though some may find it to seem weak in comparison to other brewing methods like the Hario V60 and the Kalita Wave.

The reason for this is that the Chemex® filter papers are 20-30% heavier than other filter papers. Its porosity removes even the finest sediment particles as well as the undesirable oils and fats, which can cause an unpleasant taste in your cup. Some of these oils are what links coffee with increasing your cholesterol, if not removed out by a paper filter. Chemex® filter papers are designed like lab filters and are double-bonded to remove impurities.

The formulation and shape of the filter permit the proper infusion time by regulating the filtration rate – not too slow, not too fast. A good technique whilst leading to evenly extracted coffee with the coffee being rich and sweet in flavour, granting it a clean tea-like mouthfeel.

The Chemex is what all coffee brewers set out to be. Effortlessly stylish, perfectly designed and simple to use for anyone. Professional’s Tip: To work on your palate, try this method of brewing with beans sourced from across the globe like South America, Africa or South East Asia and have fun with all the different aromas and taste notes you’ll get out of them.

Happy brewing!

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